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Building a Successful Career

Building a successful career is more and more complicated these days.  There are many highly qualified individuals who are struggling to find appropriate employment or even just land interviews for jobs for which they are qualified (or even overqualified).  The competition is fierce and the rules are ever changing.  Yet, there are individuals out there who are still moving their careers along effectively; what are they doing differently?

Strategy Execution SuccessBeing successful in today’s job market requires creativity, decisive strategy, resourcefulness, premium deliverables, and diligent execution. The good news is that searching for your next opportunity doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming.  The HR Group’s Career Services can help you get your career on track and properly position yourself for the next opportunity with the exact level of assistance you need.

Career / Transition Coaching:  The HR Group’s Career Services seasoned HR professionals can assist you in developing your future career path strategy. We’ll often start with a review of your background, your skills, education, experience, motivators, and other unique features about you & your job requirements, and current search strategies.  We will then help you weigh your options and brainstorm possible short and long-term directions and strategies that will meet your needs and are likely to be feasible. Through our highly customized career coaching, you will be able to clear out the noise and create specific next steps with focus and clarity. Whether you simply need one-time coaching or you need ongoing support, everything is tailored to your situation.

Interview Coaching:  You’ve gotten the call and scheduled an interview.  You are elated… and unless you’re an interviewing expert, you're probably just a little nervous.  The HR Group’s Interview Coaching will help you land your next job with confidence by helping you be prepared for your next interview from basic interviewing guidelines and tips to prepare you to handle the questions you’re likely to face in your interview so that you will have proper answers on the tip of your tongue.  Getting feedback and fine-tuning your interviewing skills before your interview can be priceless as your first face-to-face impression with your potential new employer will often make or break the deal.

After speaking with you about your background and current situation, we will determine a plan of action that will most effectively meet your needs Ready to get started or have questions? Write to Career Services or call (336) 292-1911.

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