Non-Profit Organizations

About Our Non-Profit Practice  

Our Non-Profit Recruiting Services Team takes great pride in seeking and providing the most qualified candidates for our clients. We have successfully completed searches for our clients at many levels in their organization, from front line management all the way up to Vice President and President. Our search and recruiting processes have been proven to ensure success regardless of the level of the position. To be able to ensure success in our process we spend the necessary time to understand the position, as well as the unique organizational culture of your business.

Meet Our Search Professionals

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                                                            Patsy Wiggins

                                                            Robin Lindsey

                                                          Roger Anderson

Samples of Positions Filled by this Team  

  • Chief Executive Officer for a NC Smart Start organization.
  • Chief Operating Officer for a NC Smart Start organization.
  • Director of Family Services for Habitat for Humanity.
  • Deputy Director of Organizational Development for Habitat for Humanity.
  • Accounting Associate for Habitat for Humanity. 
  • Chief Executive Officer for Guilford County Partnership for Children.
  • Chief Operating Officer for Guilford County Partnership for Children.
  • Director of Community Relations for Wake County SmartStart.
  • Executive Director for HandyCapable Network.