Ronnie Grabon, SPHR

Recent Assignments:

• Provided Diversity Training for a local Law Firm

• Review of Handbook and Materials for a local Business Technology Company

Experience and Expertise:

Ronnie S. Grabon has over 25 years of experience as an HR professional, Executive Coach, teacher and facilitator.  Some of her work includes: executive coaching and facilitation for The Center for Creative Leadership, developing and teaching in the Executive Education program at the UNCG Bryan School of Business and serving as an individual coach for first year and a team coach for second year students at Elon Law School.

Ronnie has a long history in HR. She spent ten years as the chief HR executive for a major Wall Street law firm and another ten years as a VP for a mid-size retailer. She also served as the Director of HR for the Center for Creative Leadership. In her career she saw firms through periods of major growth as well as restructuring. As a member of the senior executive team, Ronnie was involved in many functions beyond HR including: organizational change, supervision for both line and staff operations and business strategy.  

On a community level, Ronnie chairs the board of the Elsewhere Collaborative and is active in community change initiatives including facilitation in the Golden Leaf and Impact programs. These programs have a focus on community issues and in rural economically disadvantaged areas.   

Education, Certifications and Special Training:

Ronnie earned her BA and MBA from Rutgers University and is certified by the American Arbitration Association as an Employment Arbitrator. Ronnie is certified on the MBTI, Conflict Dynamics Profile, Workplace Big 5, Change Style Indicator, Voices and a number of other instruments.